How to Sanitize and Drain Baptismal

Baptismal Draining

A Living Waters Baptismal is easy to clean, sanitize, and drain between uses. All that is required is a clean cloth, clean water, and a small amount of household chlorine bleach. In addition to the instructions below, a YouTube video is available below. Also below, you can download the Operating Manual in PDF format.


Never use any detergents or chemicals to clean the surfaces, or water basin. They can damage the finish, and if used in the basin, create soap foaming. It is best to clean all surfaces with a mild solution of water with a very small amount of chlorine bleach (about a tablespoon of bleach in a cup of water). Then use a clean lint-free cloth, dampened with the cleaning solution to wipe down surfaces. This will both clean and disinfect. Dry with another clean lint-free cloth, or allow to air dry.


The best way to completely sanitize the water, and system of a Living Waters Baptismal is by adding one cup of household chlorine bleach to the baptismal waters. Slowly pour the bleach directly into the center of the white basin while the baptismal is operating, and allow the baptismal to continue to operate for a least fifteen minutes after adding the bleach. The bleach will mix with the water, and will circulate throughout the system, thoroughly sanitizing all the surfaces that come in contact with the water. Chlorine bleach is a natural and safe sanitizer, used to disinfect public drinking water and swimming pools.

How to Sanitize and Drain Baptismal Instructions

  1. Turn On

    If OFF, push power switch to turn ON baptismal.

  2. Sanitize

    Slowly pour one cup of household chlorine bleach into center of white basin, and continue operating baptismal at least fifteen minutes.

  3. Turn Off

    Push power button to turn OFF baptismal.

  4. Unplug and Store Power Cord

    Unplug power cord, and pull into the cabinet through the hole in the base, coiling the cord inside the cabinet.

  5. Connect Drain Hose

    Place the end of the clear hose into a five gallon bucket, or container of equal size. Alternatively, the drain hose can be connected to a garden hose, and run outside through an open door.

  6. Open Drain Valve

    Turn blue handle on drain valve 90 degrees to open. Water should drain from the baptismal.

  7. Empty Drain Hose

    After draining, lift hose closest to drain valve and allow remaining water in hose to empty into container or hose.

  8. Close Drain Valve

    Close drain valve, aligning blue handle parallel to the floor.

  9. Discard Water

    Pour the water drained from the baptismal on the ground, and not down the sewer. Water which has been blessed in the sacrament of holy baptism should be returned to the earth, and not treated as waste.

Draining Note: Draining the baptismal using the drain hose will not eliminate all water. A small amount of water will remain in the lower reservoir below the white basin, and a little more will be trapped in the piping. This water will eventually evaporate, and does not have to be removed. If desired, you can remove most of the water from the reservoir using a towel lowered though the opening around the white basin, and dragged around the perimeter.

How to Sanitize and Drain Baptismal Video

The YouTube video below illustrates how to sanitize, and drain a Living Waters Baptismal.

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How to Sanitize and Drain Baptismal

How to Setup and Operate Baptismal