Custom Baptismals

Bring Your Vision to Life

Pastor’s Sketch of Vision

In addition to our standard products, we offer the ability to design and build custom baptismals to bring your vision to life. A pastor provided this conceptual sketch of an eight sided, two-tier baptismal to begin the design process. The pastor desired water to flow from the upper source basin, down a vertical column containing etched scripture, and then over engraved stones in a lower basin. Working with the pastor the baptismal’s design became solid oak with a natural oak finish to match church furnishings. Pools became black FRP lined with a black slate tile vertical column with etched scripture. Source basin became a white porcelain ceramic bowl, and all water effects illuminated with low-voltage LED lighting.

Design Proposal

Custom Baptismal Drawing
Baptismal Drawing Detail

However, the design process required we first resolve the unique challenges of the pastor’s vision, such as in this case, collecting water from the upper basin and feeding it onto the vertical column’s surface without splash. After solving and testing every aspect of the design, we provide the pastor with drawings illustrating the size, shape and appearance of the finished baptismal. The drawing shows one example of provided details. After all design details, materials and finishes become final, a formal proposal and price are provided to the pastor for approval.

Product Video Proof

Similarly, when construction and testing of the custom baptismal are complete, the pastor is sent links to Youtube videos showing the operating baptismal to insure satisfaction with the final product. After approval, baptismal is shipped with detailed setup, operation and maintenance manuals. Sample videos on the above custom baptismal can be viewed below.

To begin a conversation for a custom baptismal please use our Contacts page.

Custom Baptismal with Gushing Spring water effect; fixed view of back showing access doors and controls.
Custom Baptismal with Crystal Pool water effect; fixed view of front.
Custom Baptismal with Gushing Spring water effect; moving view showing details of back side.
Custom Baptismal with Crystal Pool water effect; moving view showing details of front side.